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What to expect during your stay

For those of you that have stayed with us before, you know that our Inn allows for lots of private time and space. We are a small four-room inn that caters to adults only.
We did social distancing way before it became the norm, with lots of outdoor space to roam and large common areas., most guests rarely saw another couple during their stays. We always allowed in-room breakfast and our dining room is large with only two guests to a table.
1: During your stay, you can be served breakfast in your suite or the dining room.
2: While we normally would clean rooms during your stay if requested, however at this time it will not be provided. We will give you clean towels if requested and you will be given a bag to place your dirty towels outside your room for the exchange.

3: Pool will available by appointment only, so we will have time to sanitize between guests.


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